Parts-in-Place runs on the Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure. This means that the servers where your data is stored are owned and supported by Amazon, and are physically located in Amazon’s data center in the United States.

Amazon’s web servers are generally highly secure: the company has completed multiple security audits and certifications, implements advanced security practices and the exact location of their data centers is kept secret.

Amazon makes a commitment of 99.95% uptime for the EC2 platform – the servers that Parts-in-Place runs on.

To ensure additional protection of your data in Parts-in-Place, we perform automated daily backups of all customer data. These daily backups are stored on a separate secure server at another physical location. Each daily backup is kept for two weeks.

To give you further piece of mind, Parts-in-Place provides a way to export all your data in the .xls file format. This allows you to keep your own backup copies as needed and also prevents you from getting locked-in with Parts-in-Place.

All network communication between the Parts-in-Place application servers and your computer (your web browser) is automatically encrypted with the same level of encryption as that used by leading banks.

We do preserve our ability to examine your data directly on our server, but we will only do so when it is necessary to solve a problem, and only with your prior consent.