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Nick Ivanter

Nick Ivanter

I’m a co-founder and Director of Marketing at Emcraft Systems. Since 2008, I’ve been involved in designing and building electronic products with contract manufacturers. We at Emcraft were purchasing the parts and consigning them to our CMs, who would then assemble the electronic boards for us.

Until recently, managing our products’ BOMs and inventory of components had been a real pain for us. Reconciling a new engineer-provided BOM against the company-wide “Master BOM” (parts library) or determining which parts in what quantities needed to be ordered for an upcoming build, given the current inventory levels, would take hours.

We had tried using a general-purpose ERP system and it helped somewhat but brought along its own set of issues for us to deal with. In the end, the majority of work was still done semi-manually using MS Excel spreadsheets. This was both time-consuming and error-prone.

Yury Mishin

Yury Mishin

In 2012 I decided to build a web application for managing electronic products’ BOMs and parts inventory, something that would be easy and convenient for Emcraft to use. I teamed up with my old-time friend Yury, and soon Parts-in-Place came to be. We shared an early version of the program with several colleagues in other companies and some of them found it convenient.

So, if you build electronics products and the pain of managing BOMs and inventory is familiar to you, give Parts-in-Place a try.

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