Electronics BOM & Inventory Management for Small Businesses

Parts-in-Place helps you manage your electronics BOMs and inventory. Tailored for the typical workflow of small electronics product companies, Parts-in-Place will quickly tell you how many and which components you need to order for your next build.

Screenshot of Part Library view Screenshot of BOM view

Online System for Managing Inventory and Bills of Materials

Parts-in-Place is a web application for managing Bills of Materials (BOMs) and parts inventory for electronic assemblies. It serves the following primary purposes:

  1. Managing electronic parts inventory and helping to determine which components need to be ordered for upcoming builds.
  2. Managing a library of parts information. Tracking such details as manufacturers, package types, pricing, RoHS-compliance, etc.
  3. Managing BOMs. This includes verifying a BOM against the parts library, identifying new parts, and calculating the total cost of your boards.

Please note that Parts-in-Place is specifically designed and intended for companies and individuals building electronic boards. [Read more…]