Online System for Managing Builds, Inventory, and Bills-of-Materials

Parts-in-Place is a web application for managing Bills of Materials (BOMs) and parts inventory for electronic assemblies. It serves the following primary purposes:

  1. Managing electronic parts inventory and helping to determine which components need to be ordered for upcoming builds.
  2. Managing a library of parts information. Tracking such details as manufacturers, package types, pricing, RoHS-compliance, etc.
  3. Managing BOMs. This includes verifying a BOM against the parts library, identifying new parts, and calculating the total cost of your boards.

The program has been specifically designed for companies and individuals building electronic boards.

Generating the List of Parts to Order Takes 15 Minutes

Here is the typical workflow in Parts-in-Place, assuming you are just starting to use the program:

  1. Import your current inventory and optionally parts library.
  2. Import one or more Bills of Materials. Parts-in-Place understands ECAD-generated BOMs in MS Excel format.

Importing Bills of Materials from .xls is easy

  1. Create one or more Assembly Orders that would reflect the builds you are planning.
  2. Instruct Parts-in-Place to generate the list of parts to purchase based on the calculated needs to satisfy your planned builds.

Generating the list of parts to order is now a matter of several clicks. Parts-in-Place will automatically calculate your current stock levels and determine which parts need to be ordered.

Parts-in-Place keeps track of your inventory levels and automatically determines the parts and quantities that need to be ordered for upcoming builds.

  1. When the ordered parts begin to arrive, you register each arriving batch in the system.
  2. When you ship parts to your Contract Manufacturer, and then when the CM completes your build, you register all the parts movements in the system and it will track the inventory for you.

At every point in time, Parts-in-Place can tell you exactly what you have on inventory and which components need to be ordered and/or shipped from the main storage to the Contract Manufacturer to complete an assembly.

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