Release 1.1.4 Improves Excel Import and Export

The new version was pushed live on Sun, Feb 10, 2013. Here is what’s new in this release:

Excel Export Improvements

All columns in the exported files now have a reasonable fixed width and use the “Wrap Text” setting along with “AutoFit Row Height” for each row. This prevents very long field values (such as a list of 87 reference designators) from making the Excel column too wide, which was the case in the previous versions.

Additionally, each exported file is now given a meaningful name that includes the current date of the export.

Excel Import Improvements

When importing Bills of Materials, the BOM Name in the system is now automatically set to the file name selected for the upload. Previously, no name was automatically assigned and you always had to set it manually.

Of course, you can still manually edit the BOM name after import if desired.

Assembly Orders and Assemblies

The same feature has been also implemented for the Assembly Orders and Assembly documents: if you import these documents from Excel, the Assembly Name will be set automatically to the name of the uploaded file.

Assembly names will also be set automatically when you create new documents using the “Copy From” feature. When you copy an Assembly Order from a BOM, the assembly name will be set to the BOM name. Similarly, when you copy an Assembly from an Assembly Order, the assembly name will be copied from the order.

Scrolling Through File During Preview Is Now Easier

The “Next” and “Previous” links in the import preview window now can move the selection across the file boundary in a loop. I.e. clicking “Previous” while on the first row, will get you to the last row in the file. Similarly, clicking “Next” while on the last row, will move the selection to the first row.