Release 1.1.3 Allows Executing Multiple Documents At Once

The new version has been deployed to the main server just a few hours ago. The primary enhancement in this release is the ability to execute multiple documents at once. More on this below.

“Execute” and “Draft” Buttons Moved to the Left, Improving Usability

The Execute and Draft buttons have been moved to the left side of the screen, right to the top of the documents table. The users who tested a preview of this release reported a big improvement on the utilization of the horizontal space, especially helpful if the screen width was set to 1280 pixels or less.

Having the Execute and Draft buttons right on top the documents table is also quite logical, and it helped us implement this other often requested improvement:

The Ability To Execute Multiple Documents At Once

With this change, you can now select multiple documents via the checkboxes and then execute them all at once.

In a similar way, you can also switch multiple documents at a time back to the draft state for editing. Just select the required documents via the checkboxes and click Draft.

Just in case, here is a refresher on what executing a document in Parts-in-Place actually means.