Release 1.4.24

  • Fixed an error in calculating the value of parts on order
  • Fixed an error that was occasionally occurring when visiting the Parts Transfers page.

Release 1.4.23

Implemented the Add from Library function on the Bills of Materials page.

Release 1.4.22

Two minor changes in this release, based on customer feedback:

  • Do not automatically change assembly names in Assembly Orders after copying data from Bills of Materials
  • Do not automatically rename Bills of Materials after importing from Excel.

Release 1.4.21

Added the Datasheet and Manufacturer columns to more pages in the system.

Release 1.4.20

It is now possible to import additional parts into a Bill of Materials without deleting the parts that were imported previously. Before this change, entire BOMs had to be imported in one step.

Release 1.4.19

Added the Highlight New Parts functionality to the Parts Orders screen.

Release 1.4.18

Minor defect fixes.

Release 1.4.17

Minor defect fixes.

Release 1.4.16

Minor defect fixes.

Release 1.4.15

Added per-part Storage field to Assembly Orders.